Teleconsultations and PetsApp





Here at Edhen Vets, we like to keep you informed, up to date, and in the know as much as possible – one of the ways we can do this is via PetsApp.


PetsApp is an instant messaging service that allows us to directly message you during and outside of practice working hours.
What else can we do with pets app?
  • Start a video call to discuss cases with you face to face (and show you your poorly pets if they’re staying in the practice with us)
  • Send you documents such as blood test results and vaccination certificates
  • Send your pets’ vaccination reminders so you don’t miss their annual vaccines
  • Request repeat medications with one simple text
  • Take payments with ease


How does Petsapp work for you as a pet owner?


To start all you have to do is download the Petsapp App from your mobile device’s app store (Google Play or Apple’s App Store), sign up with your details and your pet’s information, then select ‘Edhen Vets’ as your veterinary practice. It’s as easy as that!
You can start a conversation with us at any point during the day by pressing the big blue ‘start chat’ button in the app, and it will reach one of our reception staff the minute you hit send! This then starts a conversation with a member of our team who will reply to your message and answer any questions or queries you may have. You can also send photos and videos to us at the same time, so if you notice something that isn’t right, snap a picture and send it in!




We are able to offer teleconsultations throughout the day. This may be beneficial for clients who have trouble traveling or pets who do not like to travel. We run our teleconsultations through PetsApp, which is easy to download on any mobile device, tablet or computer.