Nurse clinics

Our team of Registered and Student Veterinary Nurses are on hand to work with you and your family to help keep your pets in tip top condition. Here at Edhen Vets we run a number of dedicated nursing clinics to guide you on preventative health as well as addressing problems such as weight gain, geriatric care and behavioural advice.

Below is a summary of the nursing clinics that we offer at Edhen Vets, to book any of these clinics please contact us to make an appointment.

Weight clinics
Guided weight clinics to understand how to enable your pet to reach their ideal weight and body condition score.

Dental care clinics
Discussing dental care, and the best tips and tricks for keeping those teeth pearly white

Claw clipping
Giving your pets the manicure and pedicure they deserve

Emptying of anal glands
Emptying full anal glands, and discussing ways you can help anal gland problems with dietary alterations

Rabbit care
All things bunnies! Discussing diet, husbandry, TLC, grooming and much more

Neutering/adolescent care
Discussing the best time to neuter your pets and whether neutering is suitable for your pet

Golden oldies
Large breed dogs are considered geriatric from 5 years old, and smaller breed dogs from 8 years old. Cats are classed as geriatric from 10 years of age. In our golden oldie’s clinics, we can do regular top to toe checks of your pet, run in house blood and urine tests to check organ function, and advise you on little changes that you can adopt around the house as your pets reach their older years.

Nutritional advice
We can assist you with any advice you require with regard to feeding your pets, and the best nutrition to suit each individual patient

Behaviour advice
We can offer behavioural advice to help you with minor behavioural ailments. If we cannot assist you and your pet we can refer you to dedicated veterinary behaviourists.

Kitten and puppy clinics
Informing you and your family on everything that you need to know for your new addition to the family, including vaccinations, worming, flea treatment, socialising and behaviour

Puppy parties (bouncing baby’s 8-12 weeks and teething toddler’s 12-16 weeks)
At Edhen we want to promote early socialisation and confidence building to enable your puppy to grow into a well-rounded adult dog. We run puppy parties in the bouncing baby’s group for puppies 8-12 weeks old, and the teething toddler group for 12–16-week-old pups. Puppies are invited for two sessions in the bouncing baby group, and once these two sessions are completed, we invite you to bring your pups along to the teething toddler group for an additional two socialisation and confidence building sessions. Each session is 30 minutes long, and provides your pups with an opportunity to socialise with other pups of a similar age, and build confidence with completing a variety of enrichment activities!
Once graduated from our Puppy parties, there is an opportunity for a one-on-one session with a qualified dog trainer, please speak to our reception or nursing team if you are interested in a training session.

Post operative care
Following surgery or dental treatment, our Veterinary Nurses can help guide you through your pet’s recovery, monitor wounds, and carry out treatment as requested by the Veterinary Surgeon.

Bandage change clinics
Our Veterinary Nurses can change your pets dressing or bandages, assess wounds and report to the Veterinary Surgeon as required.

Flea/tick/mite prevention
We can guide you on the different flea/tick/mite prevention treatment, and talk through the options that will suit you and your pet.

MOT clinic (teeth, bottoms, toes)
A top-to-toe health check, including the common ailments such as checking teeth, anal glands and claws.

Diabetic clinics
We can offer guidance on how to treat your diabetic pet, such as showing you how to inject insulin, common problems/signs to look out for, and regular weight checks.

Tableting (and teaching)
We know pets can be tricky to tablet at times, we are on hand to show you our tips and tricks for tableting your pets.

Pre-operative and routine blood samples
We can take and run blood samples in house that have been advised by your Veterinary Surgeon

Sometimes it’s tricky to reach those ‘hard to reach’ areas, we are happy to help you with your grooming and dematting needs!