Price List

We have chosen to display some of our prices here to be as transparent as possible. If you can not find what you are looking for please do send us a message on PetsApp or email us on and we will be happy to provide prices for any of our services.


Vet Consult  £40.50

Nurse Consult £20.00

Emergency Consult (Out of Hours) before 11.00pm £125.00

Emergency Consult (Out of Hours) after 11.00pm £155.00

Edhen 365 Club

Dog £22.50

Cat £18.00

Rabbit £12.00

Puppy /Kitten Top up £20.00


Annual Booster £45.00

Kennel Cough vaccination £30.00

Re-start Vaccination Course £55.00

Second Vaccination (when previously had first part of course) £30.00

Titre testing £40.00 (inc blood sample)

Please Note: Titre testing is currently only available for Dogs.

Puppy/Kitten Full Vaccination course £65.00 (£20.00 when joining Edhen 365 Club)

Breeder Pack- 1st Vaccination and Microchip £30.00


Per 12 hours £55.00

Intensive Care per 12 hours £95.00

IV fluid set up £85.00


Microchip £10.00

Microchip Litter more than 2  £8.00 (per pup)

Grooming MOT (Nails/Anal Glands/ teeth and coat check) £20.00

Written prescription £12.00

Euthanase Dog £80.00

Euthanase Cat £55.00

Euthanase Rabbit/Bird/Small Pet £25.00

Urine Testing from £20.00


Dog or Cat Scale and Polish OPENING OFFER £99.00

Extractions from £12.00 per tooth


Bitch Spay (Small dog 0-10kg) £200.00

Bitch Spay (Medium Dog 10-25kg) £235.00

Bitch Spay (Large Dog 25-40kg) £255.00

Bitch Spay (Giant Dog 40+Kg) £290.00

Dog Castrate (Small dog 0-10kg) £150.00

Dog Castrate (Medium Dog 10-25kg) £160.00

Dog Castrate (Large Dog 25-40kg) £170.00

Dog Castrate (Giant Dog 40+Kg) £190.00

Rabbit Spay £105.00

Rabbit Castrate £80.00


General Anaesthetics- weight dependent £105.00-150.00

Sedation- weight dependent £75.00-115.00

X- Rays (2 views) from £150.00

BVA Elbow Score (inc BVA submission) £250.00

BVA Hip Score (inc BVA submission) £150.00

BVA Hip and Elbow Score (inc BVA submission) £300.00

Ultrasound to diagnose pregnancy £45.00

Ultrasound of Abdomen (Basic) £80.00

Ultrasound Echo £190.00