Edhen Dental Hygiene Care Plan

At Edhen we want to make it as easy as possible for our clients to keep on top of their pets dental hygiene. Some dogs and cats are great at keeping their own teeth clean through chewing of toys or bones or hunting (cats). We recommend regular dental check-ups every 6 months so we can look all around their mouth for any ulcers, gingivitis or oral tumours. We can help teach you at-home dental care practices such as brushing your pet’s teeth and providing dental-friendly treats or toys and bones. However, if your pet still builds up tartar and plaque as many of them do, we recommend getting this scaled off and the teeth polished up annual. Just like we do when we visit the hygienist!
We are all too often removing 15-20 teeth in pets and this is a sign that dental disease has been progressing for months to years and our pets have been living through pain and discomfort. These dental procedures end up being very long due to the extensive work required and cost 3-4 times more than what it would cost to keep your pets teeth up together with a scale and polish whenever needed.

February is Pet dental awareness month and at Edhen we are launching Cornwall’s first dental hygiene care plan.

Reducing the cost of dental hygiene and spreading the cost out over the year with a monthly payment plan.

Maintaining your pet’s dental health is essential for their overall well-being, just like it is for us humans. Dental issues in pets can lead to pain, discomfort, and even serious health problems if left untreated.
Here’s why it’s so important:
  1. Prevention of dental disease: Regular dental care, including brushing your pet’s teeth and providing dental treats or toys, can help prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar. This, in turn, reduces the risk of dental disease such as gingivitis and periodontal disease.
  2. Prevention of systemic health problems: Dental disease doesn’t just affect your pet’s mouth; it can also have systemic effects on their overall health. Bacteria from the mouth can enter the bloodstream and potentially lead to issues in organs such as the heart, liver, and kidneys.
  3. Pain management: Dental problems such as tooth decay, infections, and gum disease can cause significant pain and discomfort for your pet. Addressing these issues early through regular dental care can help alleviate pain and improve your pet’s quality of life.
  4. Prevention of tooth loss: Advanced dental disease can result in tooth loss, which can affect your pet’s ability to eat and lead to further complications. By maintaining your pet’s dental health, you can help prevent the need for extractions and preserve their teeth for as long as possible.
  5. Improved overall health and longevity: Taking care of your pet’s teeth can contribute to their overall health and longevity. Pets with healthy mouths are more likely to have a better quality of life and live longer, happier lives.


What does the Edhen Dental Hygiene Care Plan include? 
The hygiene care plan includes:
  • Annual Scale and Polish of the whole mouth
  • 6 monthly dental hygiene checkups
  • Free tooth paste and tooth brush every 6 months
All for £14.50 per month
How much are you saving?
Per year your ideal Dental Hygiene care would cost £320. With the Edhen Dental Hygiene Care plan this gives you an annual saving of £146.00
Service/Products included
Annual Scale and Polish of the whole mouth
6 monthly dental hygiene check up (2 per year)
Free tooth paste and tooth brush every 6 months
Dental charges outside of the care plan:
Scale and Polish £250.00
Teeth Extractions: 1-5 teeth £100 / 5-10 teeth £200 / 5-10 teeth £200 / 10-15 teeth £300 / 15-20 teeth £350
NB. The dental Hygiene plan does not include any oral surgery or dental extractions. However, if these are required you will be charged additionally for the extractions as above as the scale and polish fee is covered by your monthly subscription.