How old is my furry friend really?

Dogs age around 6-7 times faster than we do which is where the common multiplier of ‘7 dog years = 1 human year’ comes from. Because dogs live and die much faster than humans it is easy to overlook the ageing process and how quickly it occurs. Although dogs life expectancies are 6-12 times shorter than humans, the demographics of dogs (living conditions, diet, weight and exercise) can change considerable with aging. Dogs develop the same age-related changes and disease as we do making them directly comparable to us. Afterall, dogs share more ancestral genomic sequence with humans than rodents do!
When we carry out an annual check up we are really checking up on around 7 years worth of ageing and possible associated signs. So that is like us going to the doctor once in a decade! We would love to give all dogs and cats who haven’t seen us before an examination to make sure they have no signs of ill health and ageing because we want them to live as long as possible!
Researchers at the University of California came up with a new formula in 2019, creating a new clock to measure against in dogs.

The Formula:

(Dogs Age)LN x 16 +31

We have worked it out for you below…..